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A friend of mine had problem with Dhiraagu mms setting with his factory unlocked iPhone4s, he was in his island so couldnt come to Male’ and show to service provider, so had to solve himself.
I hadn’t set mms setting myself as most share pics using twitter and fb these days and not getting mms didnt bother. He requested me so sought to do something about it.
Upon a google search, it led to jaxian’s post for mms setting (http://www.jaxian.net/?p=509) and did fillup network setting as given but yet it didnt work in sending MMS, but was able to receive.

How it resolved.
0. Fillup network setting as given on jaxian.net
1. Reset network setting (setting>general>reset>network reset).
2. After reboot, go to settings and fill BOTH the missing APN (internet.dhimobile)
3. Reboot (switch off and restart the device)
4. Open Photos app, open a pic and left click the bottom left arrow and send as ‘message’, select recipient num. (didnt try with opening Messages app and inserting pic)
5. Open Messages app, pic should had been sent if on 3g network.
6. If 3g is not available, then wait for it to be sent with edge as it would take a bit more time.

Hope this help to others in the same jam.

Update: some pics are too big to send via mms so install “Photo2MMS” free app from app store to resize camera gallery pics and send 🙂


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I had spent a lot of  Months searching for a way to install dhivehi fonts to my iphone but found none, thus with help of gaurav’s blog I found a way to install.  The hard part is converting the bin file to xml and modifying the relevant codes. I used Notepad++ to modify the font plist. Its been about 3 weeks and so far no problem. I can browse websites using iphone default browser or commercial browser apps, with no probs.

Here is a manual way to install using WinSCP to SSH over wifi

  • From cydia, install OpenSSH.
  • Run the WinSCP from desktop and insert the IP address, use user:root and password:alpine, to SSH into iphone system. (google for more info)
  • Download http://www.fileducky.com/PqaoxuPR/, Extract the zipfile to any folder.
  • Navigate to “root/system/libarary/fonts/Cache” and copy the font files into that cache folder.
  • Copy(replace) the “CGFontCache.plist” into the “root/system/libarary/fonts/”
  • REBOOT the iphone.
  • Run Safari browser and njoy

thats all!

You can read Haveeru and Miadhu news in dhivehi with no problem. There are some vowel(fili’) displacement in jazeera & haamadaily, will look into it when I get time.

(I tested with 3.0 firmware ONLY. It may work with other firmware aswell.)

Hope this helps the Maldivian community & paves a way to an easily install Dhivehi fonts to iphone(such as thru fontswap app).

If you have an internet connection at home/office but got no wifi, then buy a WIFIMAX dongle (around Rf450), makes a lot life easier.

Btw, Ramazan Mubaarik.

*edited, thanks to diabolicaldevil*

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