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December 26, @ 09:23am…

This Morning all over Maldives a minute of silence was observed.. Well, i did, but dont know how many else did really do that.

I was astonished when on the radio news i heared that 3049 homes were to be made by the govt but till now only 158 homes could be provided.

I had seen and heared the living standard these victims were facing, its shocking that they had to bear the burden of living without homes and only in Tents for 2 years and STILL COUNTING. Its mostly the Raa.Kandolhudhoo and Thaa.Vilufushi people.

The displaced people living in hulhumale have temporary houses made by steel sheets, I’ve see them at daytime always outside their steel home, logic is how can people withstand in living in HOT OVEN.

The Radio news said that due to funding from the countries that pledged help didnt fullfill their promise as said.

I had a hard time beleiving that it was such an issue.

In two years time that it should progress this much is really a sad matter.

An assistant who works with a ‘member of the disaster management’ told me today that people comes to meet this person but he always slips away from answering their questions regarding the matter. Thus actions like this tends to make lots of people in to thinking corruption might be involved. Articles can be seen on the popular anti gov site.

What more can be done to make the progess of helping our bros & sis of the 2004 tsunami??

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