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All the cycles from the cycle dealers are selling out like hot rock concert tickets, thanks to a selling strategy by the major cycle dealers in male’, due to misleading information published in the Haveeru daily news about the cycles duty levy going to rocket sky high at the start of this new year, this have let to people tending to buy cycles before such a law comes into action. There was two articles published on two successive days about the cycle stock being sold out and prices of cycle might get raised with proportion to duty increase so there is a lot of demand now.As Haveeru beta is still little messed up, I can’t seem to find the articles. Tried searching “ޝީޝާ’ but no results.
Its was rumored that the duty rate was going to increase to 200% for cycles so I called a close friend in Customs who assured me that Wave cycles which have 125cc and 110cc was not going to be affected by the increase in duty. The affect is going to be on cycles having more than 150cc. Ordinary Pulse cycles have 149cc. I didn’t believe him at first but he told me it was already approved like that and don’t know when the new law would come into action as it has got to be passed by the parliament.
Amendments are known from the new revenue measures as seen here.
Last week when I came to Male’ from viligili, I saw a huge crowd watching people who were taking test for new license. My bro have bought a new cycle through moms help. My cousin has taken a new cycle. Two of my office close buddies also have taken. A known fact is some are taking the low loan from bank to buy cycles.
This tiny Male’ is also facing negative effects due to reckless driving and vehicle over-crowdedness. Its a challenging issue we r facing. But wat2do,have a lookat here. The most fatal accident prone places in Maldives these days r Addu, Male’, Fuamulah. This picture gallery got some pics from laddu, here its horrific.  I think a gud suggestion may be having a racing track with safty provisioned high speed cars. There r people in maldives who can afford to do this as a business in one of those uninhabited islands…
This post turned more like a report, hehe..


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