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An unlisted phone number. 3300831. Today some guy called me from this number saying that he’s from an organisation thats taking Polls for the upcoming “system” election. Previously these guys had called some of my friends, saying that they are from a “group of students from abroad taking a survey” for the upcoming “system” election, a load of crap… who the hell are these people?? They arent what they telling. There was lots of people chattering in the back ground in the conversation, probably doing the same, calling to random mobiles from dhiraagu directory.
well, this guy goes on saying how much ‘Riyaasy(presidential system)’ is better than ‘barulamaany(parliamnetary system)’, telling about Husnu-Suood had changed his heart about both systems, etc etc. Dr Shaheed and SunTravel shiyam also voicing for parliamntary etc etc It was a long call, guess money didnt matter, just wondering who these guys were.. does any1 else know any info? this number “3300831” is always busy..


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