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Found an old worn-out lost link
The trip to help tsunami families of Gaafalif

It was a very exciting & eventful trip with shaad, fenthashi, zembe, ayya, & gaffar.

The call came on the nite when i was on a date, i was told to get ready to go on an official trip to outside male’. It was a time i was having some issues with gf, was looking forward for a litle break. The next day i went to office & joined the group. After a briefing by an official, we departed on lauch to airport. Without any delay, a bus took us to a cargo plane. As soon as we boarded, it took off. Next we landed on addu, transiting, had a jeep sight seeing addu as the plane was refueled.

shuxs, bzy bzy, will catch someother time, cya


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