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One of the recent news is about extremists trying to kill a freelancer journalist. Was curious about that issue so looked into relevant websites.
The information found from the website of the journalist, the victim turn out to be more of an anti islamic propaganda portal, Most posts are to verbally abuse and make sick jokes of Maldivian religious lecturers.

Unbelievably is that he is a writer for Haveerudaily. ┬áDnt know why such a respectable newspaper is employing him. Well, That’s another matter.
Since he’s been operating for so long, under various website and blogs name, my conclusion is that this is a tactic employed by himself and may be his partners to get attention. Some sites I found on mvblogs expressing same view:



Maldivian public needs to be aware of this. Should make a stop to their propaganda, some way but not by violence.


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