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I had spent a lot of  Months searching for a way to install dhivehi fonts to my iphone but found none, thus with help of gaurav’s blog I found a way to install.  The hard part is converting the bin file to xml and modifying the relevant codes. I used Notepad++ to modify the font plist. Its been about 3 weeks and so far no problem. I can browse websites using iphone default browser or commercial browser apps, with no probs.

Here is a manual way to install using WinSCP to SSH over wifi

  • From cydia, install OpenSSH.
  • Run the WinSCP from desktop and insert the IP address, use user:root and password:alpine, to SSH into iphone system. (google for more info)
  • Download http://www.fileducky.com/PqaoxuPR/, Extract the zipfile to any folder.
  • Navigate to “root/system/libarary/fonts/Cache” and copy the font files into that cache folder.
  • Copy(replace) the “CGFontCache.plist” into the “root/system/libarary/fonts/”
  • REBOOT the iphone.
  • Run Safari browser and njoy

thats all!

You can read Haveeru and Miadhu news in dhivehi with no problem. There are some vowel(fili’) displacement in jazeera & haamadaily, will look into it when I get time.

(I tested with 3.0 firmware ONLY. It may work with other firmware aswell.)

Hope this helps the Maldivian community & paves a way to an easily install Dhivehi fonts to iphone(such as thru fontswap app).

If you have an internet connection at home/office but got no wifi, then buy a WIFIMAX dongle (around Rf450), makes a lot life easier.

Btw, Ramazan Mubaarik.

*edited, thanks to diabolicaldevil*


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