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Dhiraagu sucks big time! It’s frustrating that Dhiraagu is controlling the type of content we are downloading for users of Vilimale’.  If it’s a compressed file with extension such as zip, rar etc.. or a program file such as exe. they are restricting the bandwith to 10kbps. If it’s any other type of file, can download around 65kbps.

Initially I thought it was a problem with my phone line but after talking with a dhiraagu technician,  he told me that it’s having their acceptable normal speed(Downloading from their servers shows 25kbps) . I asked him about the restriction, which he couldn’t answer.

It’s been more than a year since I’ve been their ‘unlimited package of 512mps’ customer, paying Rf690 per Month. They are restriction content, which is like a corporate company putting restriction of sites to their employee! Most Vilimale’ customers of Dhiraagu is saying it’s the worst ISP in the region. My brother who lives on the other side of Vilimale’ is facing the same issue and said he’s now opting to download from his office. Typical Maldivian style.

Wish I could change to ROL, Athix(Aiman) is using ROL in Vilimale’. Vilimale’ is a division (avah) of Male’, but ROL won’t officially provide service to Vilimale’. There are only 2 ISP’s of Maldives and they are providing biased services to Vilimale’ with comparison to Male’. TAM (Telecom Authority of Maldives) needs to fulfill their mandate. They need to care about the people and take actions on these companies for providing such biased services.

Wish Maldivians get the chance to seek service from genuine ISP providers. Dhiraagu & ROL need to come “ai foaraa fashah” now.  I will be sending letters to TAM and Dhiraagu about this, do help to get this issue resolved.

dhiraagu sucks

dhiraagu sucks


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