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Lots of Maldivians are now using iphone so just a helpful tip on how to install crack app without wifi.

All Apples iphones, be it 2G or 3G is jailbroken already.

To enable installing crack apps to iphone:

1-¬† Open Cydia and in the first home screen, click ‘more package source’

2- choose “hackers Dot nl” and install it.

3- next choose the ‘Sections’ page, in it you’ll find ‘Hacker.nl’, select it

5- From the list choose the “patch mobileinstallation2.2 or 2.2.1” (keep in mind to choose the correct firmware by navigating to settings-general-about)

6- After installing the correct patch mobileinstallation reboot the iphone, simply switch Off and On.

7- Find your crack .ipa app and double click to place them inside Itunes software, and Sync with your Iphone!. Sometimes syncing a free app before installing a crack app will minimise any problem but I never had such prob by this method. Im using itunes 8.01

Install via Cable

1- Install iphone Browser 1.81 Application(google it) and Open it
2- Open itunes and download a free app from itunes and sync your Iphone to install it
3. Go to back to the Iphone Browser Application and do the following:
4- Go to root/Application and right click Application folder and choose new folder, name it “Documents” caps sensitive
5- Then go to root/private/var/mobile/ folder, right click mobile folder and choose new folder, name it “Documents” caps sensitive
6- After that go to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework and select MobiliphoneeInstallation and delete it
7- Drag the patched MobileInstallation file to the window of Iphone Browser to copy it to the iphone
8- Reboot your Iphone by pressing HOME and POWER keys simultenously
7. Install the cracked.ipa through itunes.

Thats all!

to get a free user account in Itunes, simply search for a free app like ebay application and try to download, you will be navigated to register a user with info to be filled, use bogus info and find a zip code by searching google for USA ‘contact us’ pages. Thats it.

Here’s the step-by-step instruction to jailbreak¬† for 2G or 3G

Best site to find latest cracked apps: http://www.appulo.us

I do buy apps that I find useful such as SwirlyMMS, iBluetooth, Bitesms(can use copierN instead )


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