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There’s a nagging virus which hides the hidden files and folders (the system files too), its in every comp of office, home and also couple of my friends comps & laps (even in cyryx).

Its been spreading thru pen drives n external HDD.

Kaspersky havnt detected this virus till today so Im having to manually remove them all these days. Eventually I have found a tool that removes this so just wanna post it here coz its hard to find from googling.

download it from: http://www.yaman.ws/jsite/carackeb/General_Removal.rar

=site seems to be gone so uploaded the file to a filehosting site:


Another way of removing the virus is thru this tool but it doesnt fix showing the hidden files.

download : http://rapidshare.com/files/138241380/General_Removal.rar

paste this on the Input script here: part of the window:

Files to delete:
C:\Documents and Settings\…User\Local Settings\Temp\help.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\…User\Local Settings\Temp\REGSCRIPT.REG
C:\Documents and Settings\…User\Local Settings\Temp\xdx9qx7p.dll

“…User” replace the windows logging name”.

After booting the virus will b gone, showing u a log.

Switch off and on the system restore also.

There is a hijackthis.exe program which can be used to delete unwanted startup objects.

(Dont delete anything if you dont know what ur doing )

Hope this help.


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